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Filing Superstore is your provider for keeping your paper and digital records secure, originating quickly and accessible to the right people, at the right time from any location.

Scanning Services

Filing Superstore maintains scanning service centers in St. Louis, MO; Orlando, FL; and Houston, TX. Our teams can provide any type of scanning or content conversion you might need.

Scanning services include:

  • Backfile scanning conversions
  • Color, Black and White or Grayscale conversion from paper records at Letter, Legal or Folio Sizes
  • Large Format scanning of Drawings, Maps or any oversized materials Color, Black and White or Grayscale
  • Microfilm or Microfiche Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Magazine Scanning
  • Photograph Scanning

Essentially, we can take any media type you might have and convert to a digital format to any filetype that you specify. Typically, these would be Group IV Tiff, PDF and/or PDF/A for archive, JPG, PNG or any file type specified for photographs and X Ray scanning. Generally these deliverables are standard, however if a specific file type for digital conversion is specified our team can deliver to any specification presented.

Process Digital Content

In addition to the capture services we can take digital content and process for output as:

  • OCR embedded PDF’s that are searchable
  • OCR to Excel or Data Output to Text
  • OCR for upload to Content Management Systems
  • Zone capture of form Fields for Database Insertion

Data Entry

We provide a full range of Data Entry Services to create file “metadata” for insertion to content management systems. If we can’t automatically capture your data, we can key indexing as specified from your documents. Our team can key a single value, match that value and insert data from an external source to reduce indexing costs in your conversion projects.

Software Tracking

If you are utilizing our Simplicity RMS software for tracking, we can extract your record data and match documents to the indexes your team has produced and eliminate the cost of indexing all together.

Similarly, we can upgrade your subscription level and deliver back images and document management right in the software you used to create and index your records.

Our “end to end full life cycle” management:

  • Ensures compliance
  • Reduces the long-term cost in the records
  • Preserves Records History from the point of creation to the point of disposition
  • Allows your team to simply work from anywhere with software they are already familiar with, cutting down on training costs in implementing digital strategies

Large Backfile or Custodial Scanning

Either way, simply as an outsource provider for large backfile scanning or as a service provided at regular intervals to keep incoming records flowing to digital management, a service we call, our outsourced scanning services on regular intervals (also known as Custodial Scanning) keeps the incoming conversion process flowing and keeps your team doing what they do best which is provide the support your business needs to maintain current, accurate and highly accessible records.

Your Provider for End-to-End Services

Keep your paper and digital records secure, originate quickly and accessible to the right people, at the right time from any location.

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