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Simplicity RFID creates the ability for your business to leverage powerful RFID tracking technology with your existing web apps. In short, with Simplicity RFID, you can create RFID enabled web applications. It is also fully integrated with our records management platform, as well as our file label platform, to create a powerful enterprise solution.

What is RFID Tracking Software?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a tracking tool used throughout industry with broad implications for efficiency and automation. RFID chips come in a small form factor which can be embedded into various physical devices or tags for easy application to packages, devices, records and much more. Integrating these tags with a database through a web application creates a powerful and extensible, modern tracking solution which can increase compliance and your bottom line.

Commercial RFID usage began around the 1960s, mostly in the retail sector and has evolved in recent years to become affordable for a broad range of tracking implementations. This includes loss prevention, supply chain, inventory management and records management. For, this technology has been out of reach for small business, but Simplicity RFID allows you to integrate the technology into your workflow at a fraction of the cost of traditional tracking systems.

Why Simplicity RFID?

Simplicity RFID creates the opportunity for RFID enabled web applications. With a few tweaks to a text file on your Alien reader, you can begin sending tag reads to either a local or remote server over SSL. Simplicity RFID is fast, easy to deploy and cost effective.

Our software takes care of implementation details such as duplicate reads, stray tags in the field and timing, which allows you to focus on creating the business logic of your application. Our team of developers can also create server side modules and our RFID engineers can help with the physical infrascture needed in your implementation.

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