RFID Label Printing and Commissioning

RFID for file tracking could be a valuable, time saving and added security measure in your filing operations.

Filing Superstore knows RFID. The Simplicity RMS and Simplicity RFID work hand in hand to deliver a seamless and explicit records management application that is fully RFID enabled.

While the technology in RFID is very similar to other types of uses, filing and records management bring with it their own unique set of challenges. The reality is that most of the cost of RFID is actually in the labels and the readers that track them. The key is not to over buy and that is easy to do with RFID. Contact us for your best options.

There is no one size fits all RFID. However, in most cases the solution is quite simple. Relying solely on an RFID vendor may lead you into costly products, labels and tags that are oversized for the special needs in records management and most importantly your specific needs.

Our team of RFID experts contains members that developed some of the first RFID solutions on the market for filing and have remained with it for over 16 years.

Whether it’s a bulk print job or an end to end RFID solution, Filing Superstore and its experts that were working at the start of all of it can offer you insight, exact cost and reliable CBA to determine what’s right sized for you, not a one size fits all solution that’s right sized for the provider.

We can assist with:

  • Bulk creation of RFID enabled labels for existing files

  • A new implementation of a filing system from the ground up

  • Replacing inlays that have become damaged

  • An end to end application, labeling, readers and training suited to your exact requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need labels or a system for automated tracking or just labels and method to do mobile RFID operations?

The right answer to that question is the difference between a CBA that justifies implementing RFID and one that doesn’t.

Do you need a color coded label with an RFID inlay?

We manufacture those, putting the inlay in the same label as you print to manage the files on the shelf.

Are you converting an existing system that is already end or top tab labeled?

Don’t replace them – we can take your filing data and produce small barcode and RFID inlaid labels that are matched to your files that you can simply apply to the backside or the inside of the existing jacket or folder.

Interested in using RFID?

We love to answer questions and find a way to make your operation run smoothly.

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