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Simplicity RMS

Simplicity RMS is a flexible records management software platform in the cloud. It combines a modern, responsive web interface with a powerful and versatile backend platform to deliver an affordable solution for businesses small and large. It also fully integrates with our RFID and file label platforms to create a comprehensive records management system.

Leverage Existing Devices

Simplicity RMS puts the full range of solutions in one place and at your fingertips. We provide a cutting edge cloud service application with a seamless mobile smart device integration at its heart. Simplicity RMS supports BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device) strategies and will leverage any and all smart devices in your Enterprise.

Records Management Software Use Cases

  • Certified Records Managers
  • Medical Records Directors
  • Legal Practice Managers
  • CPA’s
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Enterprise Corporate IS Managers
  • Architectural and Engineering Firms
  • Government Agencies

Why Simplicity RMS?

Document Scanning and Management while at times, considered mutually exclusive to file room and physical records management, is really only another method in an overall filing strategy. Considering the filing system in totality, document scanning is but one device that will be effective in managing your records.Too often the presentation is an either/or choice for the consumer. This is one that hears from Filing System vendors, Storage Vendors and Scanning Vendors that these methods are competitive and that it is wise to choose one at the exclusion of others. The consumer is then faced with making a choice between methods, instead of a choice that creates opportunity in each device.

It is rarely wise to make a choice that eliminates potential future advantage, or choices that reduce more choice in the future. However that is precisely what the vast majority of providers in the records management sector have to offer. Simplicity RMS embraces every effective method and enables choice as opposed to eliminating it. If you create an effective file label, capture your metadata, then manage the paper, it is no different than scanning those records and managing the electronic content. Regardless of the physical form the content takes, be it bits and bytes or paper in folders, the underlying information is still just content.

Activating the full power of Simplicity RMS not only allows you to reduce the cost of batch back file scanning, it also allows you to pull records at will and simply attach them to the index you have already created. Your choice to scan records, then simply asks you to consider whether you’d like to do it all at once, or as the records are requested and pulled in the normal course of business. Simplicity RMS is a total solution for records management software. Any policy or procedure that can be defined can be implemented and deployed.

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