File System Relocation

Relocating your filing system? We can help!

Relocating a filing system across the hall, across town or across the county can be a challenge if you want to keep all of your files accessible during the move. Our network of filing experts can help you minimize your company’s liability and increase the likelihood that your relocation project will be a success.

Relocations are a great time to purge, archive, scan or destroy records.

Our experts can help you achieve your records management policies before, during or after your move.  Don’t have a formal records management policy? Check with your legal counsel because you could be liable. Ask us about our Free Records Management Policy Guide.

Trying to decide if you are using your storage space efficiently?

Maybe you can save a move or renovation by simply having the right storage solution. Let Engineered Shelving & Storage Solutions provide you with space saving options as an alternate or as part of an integrated solution.

Contact us about your project today!

We’re happy to walk you through options and help achieve your filing and storage goals.

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