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Simplicity RMS Express

Simplicity RMS Express is a cutting edge HTML 5 web application that leverages advancing browser technology to deliver high quality data driven labels and records management functionality. It is designed to service the filing requirements of enterprises large and small. Records management priorities and strategies can be implemented from the ground up, starting with standardized file labels. Subsequently, the enterprise can continue to adopt functionality to meet advancing or stated requirements.

The software automatically generates industry standard labels for both side and end tab filing systems. The user may enter multiple records or create a single label. Either method will automatically render labels while simultaneously adding new records to the database. As data is entered, it will check for possible duplicates and eliminate them. With this system, not only are you originating new trackable records; you are creating quality, high end labels that will drive the physical usability and efficiency of your filing system.

In many instances, files are originated from some other business process and this data is made available to the records management system to create the physical file itself. In this scenario, simply import the data from the user interface, which will allow you to locate a data file on your workstation or network share. File Label Express will automatically adjust its import process to the file type that you choose. When you utilize the import feature, you need not be bound by the format of the file type. If your data file contains fields (or columns) that are not useful to the tracking system the software provides “on the fly” column mapping of incoming data.

Simplicity RMS Express Pro

Simplicity RMS Express is your bridge to comprehensive data based records management. The Pro add-on is the next step in a comprehensive strategy; and while it offers advanced records functionality, it is available at entry level pricing. Turn your simple label design and print system into a comprehensive data driven records management tool simply by enabling PRO on your File Label Express account.

  • Store and search record data
  • Batch reprint labels
  • Create reports
  • Batch export
  • Switch label templates based on a field
  • Enable basic tracking with status and location fields
  • Introduce non label records fields to further customize useful information in your filing system to a structured data scheme

As you store record data and create color coded labels, why not compile useful information to effectively manage your records?

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