Data Conversion

Need to convert your data?

Filing Superstore has a full team of database experts and developers that can migrate even the toughest legacy data to forward-compatible, usable long-term manageable data sets.

  • Do you have an old Access or FoxPro database that is managing records or even digital content?

  • Do you have DAT files that don’t seem to be accessible no matter what you try?

  • Do you have legacy PDF’s in your systems that are creating problems in portability of information?

  • Do you have raster files that need to be converted to vector files for use?

  • Are you storing non-compliant file types as archive files?

  • Do have image files that need to be searchable?

We can help you.

Our services are not just data centric. We can fix and organize the largest or smallest content problem. Whether you have a small group of files or millions of files we can help you save time and money.

Our team of experts can take any file type that you may have and convert it to whatever file type you need. We can convert legacy PDFs to the most forward compatible and latest Adobe versions available. We extract text with OCR to make image-based files searchable.

Our conversion services begin with a scope of work and the solution to your problem in advance. We’ll provide a clear explanation of expectations with a firm and concise cost proposal. Our pricing is simple to understand and budget. Costs are quoted by the Megabyte, the Gigabyte or the Terabyte, or we can work by the file and the quantity of files that you have. As always, our consultation on a solution for you is always free.

Need to convert your data?

We’ll provide a firm and concise cost proposal.

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