Batch File Label Printing

No job is too big or small — We can help!

Filing Superstore can help cut down on the time and labor that it takes your team to convert or merge any filing system with our batch label printing processes.

Our labels can be applied to new folders, conversion tabs (to be applied to existing top-tab folders to make an end-tab folder), and existing file folders for quickly inventorying or reorganizing records.

  • Are you trying to create more space in your office by moving from filing cabinets to a more efficient end-tab filing system?
  • Are you trying to implement barcode or RFID tracking?
  • Did you acquire files that need to be relabeled and integrated with your existing files?
  • Do your files need to be relabeled to utilize a new system?

We can help!

Label Printing

Pre-Printed Labels

End-Tab or Top-Tab file labels can be created from your existing file data, sorted to the order of your new or existing filing system and will arrive super fast to your location ready for your team to apply.

No job is too large or too small. Our digital printing capacity can handle 30,000 labels printed daily. For application services our team can be augmented to hit even the tightest project turns.

Print Your Own Labels

If you have your own printing capabilities, we can provide you with the DIY tools to help you team complete any project faster and more accurately. Ask about our DIY conversion tools and batch printing processes.

We can match any color system, including custom colors. When your conversion is complete, your team will receive a login to the Simplicity Express software so that you can continue to print the same labels day forward with an exact match.

End-to-End Label Printing and Application

No time to apply pre-printed labels? Our team can provide this service end to end. Filing Superstore can assist you in choosing the best folder for your needs, receive your file data, print your labels, apply them to the folders or a conversion tab and ship them to your office ready for use.

File Tracking

File Tracking Software

Do you have an accurate inventory of every record in your department or organization?  This might be a good time to consider managing your critical documents with our simple to use, easy to implement file tracking solution by Simplicity. Start your free trial now.

We can develop a DIY solution for you to utilize your existing resources or we can provide a turn-key solution to keep your resources busy doing what they do best.

RFID File Tracking

Moving into RFID file tracking? We can assist you with expert delivery of services in choosing the correct inlays for your project and printing labels already designed to your specifications.

If you need an RFID solution and can’t find a vendor that can give you a straight answer, look no further than Filing Superstore. We are not new to RFID and we have an RFID solution for any tracking application.


Our team is comprised of experts that developed some of the first solutions on the market for RFID file tracking. We understand how to do it efficiently and hold costs down. The Simplicity RMS and Simplicity RFID are configured specifically to meet your needs.

If automated file tracking or RFID is what you need in your labeling project, talk to our experts today. We can save you valuable time by giving you accurate and experienced information for your specific application or project.

Ready to be efficient and keep costs down?

We’ll help you achieve your filing and storage goals.

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